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Q: How many NFL owners are Jewish?
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How many NFL and NBA franchise owners are white?


Who hired roger goodell?

NFL owners

What did the NFL collect for the Houston Texans franchise?

Bob McNair offered the NFL owners $700 million for an expansion franchise. The owners voted unanimously to accept.

How much money is each NFL owner is worth?

NFL team owners are ridiculously wealthy. Each team is worth around $500,000,000+, so NFL team owners are probably worth around $400,000,000,000.

Who Owns the National Football League?

The NFL team owners own the NFL.

Are there any Jewish quarterbacks in the NFL?

sage rosenphed

Is there going to be NFL this season?

maybe there will be an NFL season . they have had many meetings with the owners and there is a money issue all the teams have to split (9)billion dollars but, i think there is hope there for an 2011-2012 season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you give me two specific formally organized groups that have a relationship?

NFL Players Assoication and the NFL Team owners

How were Jewish shop owners treated in nazi Germany?

The Jews had their shops boycotted, then destroyed and they were put in concentration camps and many were killed.

How did the owners of NFL teams make their fortune?

TV & Merchandising revenue

Are football NFL team owners Mara and Rooney related?


Who are the Nevada Golden Indians?

NFL expansion 2015 NFC South Franchise as a 35th NFL team with 40 owners.