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he still plays for the bears.

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Q: How many NFL games did Devin Hester play defense?
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How many years has devin Hester played football for the Chicago Bears?

Devin Hester has been playing for the Chicago Bears for 5 years. This year will make his 6th year (If the NFL even has a season)

How many passes did NFL receiver Devin Hester drop in 2008 NFL season?

Far too many for someone of his talent!!

How many touchdowns does Devin Hester have?

13 total he has 4 kick off return touchdowns and 9 punt returns touchdown

How many touchdowns did devin Hester have in 2007?

8 ... 4 on punt returns, 2 on kickoff returns, and 2 on pass receptions.

Who is the fastest man in the NFL?

many people refer to Devin Hester as the fastest man in the NFL capable of running a 4.26 40 yard dash.

How many punt return TD's did Devin Hester make in 2006?

3 Punt Return Touchdowns

Who is the bears player on special teams that has run back many touchdown kickoffs including one in last years super bowl?


How many kick returns for touchdowns will Devin Hester have in the 2008 season?

It hasn't happened yet, so I can't tell you for certain. My guess is 2-3.

How many NFL records has Devin Hester broken?

. He holds the record for most kickoffs returned for a touchdown in a single season. He holds the record for most returns for touchdowns at 14.

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