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The Buffalo Bills are in the AFC, so they would never be in the NFC Championship Game.

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Q: How many NFC championship games have the Buffalo Bills played in?
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How many AFC Championship games have the Buffalo Bills played?

The Buffalo Bills have played in 6 AFC championship games and have a 4-2 record in them. The Bills have had some quality years and a 4-2 record in a good one.

What team has played in 4 consecutive Super Bowl games?

The Buffalo Bills

Who was coach of Buffalo when they played in the super bowls?

Marv Levy who coached the Bills between 1986-1997. In those 12 seasons the Bills finished first in the AFC East 7 times, played in 5 AFC Championship games, and played in 4 Super Bowls.

What state is Buffalo Bills in?

New York. Since 2008, the Bills also have played several home games in Toronto, Ontario.

Who was the Buffalo Bills starting quarterback in 2007?

JP Losman started 9 games and Trent Edwards started 7 games for the 2007 Buffalo Bills.

When was the last Buffalo Bills won 4 straight games?


Where do the NFL Buffalo Bills play their home games?

one bills drive, orchard park, ny

What year did the Buffalo Bills go to the super bowl with the most losses?

The year the Buffalo Bills lost the most games entering the Superbowl was during the 1992-1993 when they lost 5 regular season games.

Which NFL team plays its home games in Orchard Park?

Buffalo Bills

What team lost 4 super bowl games in a row?

The Buffalo Bills

When do the Buffalo Bills play?

All NFL teams usually play on Sunday. However, games are also played on Monday and occasionally on Thursday or Saturday.

Which QB lost the most Super Bowl games?

Jim kelly 4 games with the buffalo bills

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