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As of the end of the 2014 Basketball season, the Kentucky Wildcats had 2,111 total wins. They are the team with the most wins in history.

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As of 3/27/2010, Kentucky's won-loss record is 2,023-638.

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Q: How many NCAA wins does Kentucky have?
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Who has most wins NCAA basketball?

it is the university of Kentucky the wildcats

What school has the most wins in mens ncaa basketball and how many?

The University of Kentucky currently with over 2000 wins ! Also the only team with over 2000 wins !

Who has most NCAA basketball wins in the last 50 years?

University Of Kentucky

Which NCAA Men's Basketball team has the most wins this year as of January 27?


Which mens basketball team has the most NCAA tournament wins?

Kentucky has 100 wins and 69 loses for a 690. winning %

What other teams are in the top 3 in number of NCAA tournament wins?

UCLA, Kentucky, UNC

What are the top 3 schools in ncaa touranment total wins?

Kentucky, UCLA, North Carolina

What team has the most wins in NCAA Tournament?

According to Wikipedia, Kentucky has the most wins (145), but Duke has the best winning percentage (.752).

Who has the All time wins in NCAA Men's Basketball?

Kentucky, by maybe 20 games over UNC.

Which Top 3 schools with most NCAA basketball wins?

University of Kentucky, North Carolina, and Kanss.

What university has the most wins in men's NCAA Division 1 basketball?

Which basketball player has won the most NCAA games?

Wayne Turner of Kentucky with 132 wins (1995-1999).