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Ohio State has won 1 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, in 1960.

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Q: How many NCAA men's national basketball championships do the Ohio State Buckeyes have?
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How many national championships do the Ohio State Buckeyes have in basketball?


Who has played in more national championships in 10 years?

THE Ohio State Buckeyes

Who had more national basketball championships Michigan or Michigan State?

Michigan State has 2 men's basketball national championships and Michigan has 1.

Who was in the 2nd place for basketball national championships?

Michigan state

How many champianships has the Ohio buckeyes won?

The Ohio State Buckeyes have won seven National Championships in football. They won in 1942, 1954, 1957, 1961, 1968, 1970, & 2002.

How many national championships has Michigan State won in men's basketball?

Michigan state has only won two national basketball championships. the first one was in 1979, and the last one was in 2000 with Mateen Cleaves and Morris Petersons. They were dubbed as the Flinstones.

Who was coach for The Ohio State Buckeyes basketball team not football?

Ohio State's current basketball coach is Thad Matta.

Who played in the NCAA football championships?

the Florida gators anf the Ohio state buckeyes

How many National Championships won by Michigan State University?

MSU's football team has won or shared three national championships in 1952, 1965, and 1966. Its men's basketball team won the NCAA National Championship in 1979 and 2000.In total, 39 National Championships have been won by Michigan State Varsity and Club teams.

What is Ohio state collage mens basketball team nickname?


Who was on the 1962 Ohio State Buckeyes basketball team?

Bobby Knight

How many national titles does Ohio state have?

Ohio state buckeyes has 61 national titles

How many national championships does Ohio state have?

Ohio State has won seven (7) "national championships" in college football as selected by at least one "major" title selector (the AP, the Coaches Poll, the BCS or their predecessors). The titles claimed by the Buckeyes are 1942, 1954, 1957, 1961, 1968, 1970 and 2002.

What is the nickname for the Ohio state buckeyes student section at Basketball games?


How many national championships has Ohio State won in men's basketball?

NCAA Championship 1960 OSU They Have Won One

What ACC teams have won men's NCAA national basketball championships?

North Carolina, Duke, NC State and Maryland

What year did the University of Florida win National Championships in basketball and football?

2006, in football they beat Ohio State, and basketball they beat UCLA. The basketball team also won it again, the next year beating Ohio State.

What Schools have multiple national championships in football and basketball?

I don't know the complete list, but I do know that Michigan State was the first D-1 university to win two championships in both basketball and football. Florida is another one.

Is the University of Florida the only school to win the football and basketball national championships the same year against the same school?

Ohio State

What is the name of the Ohio basketball team?

Its the Ohio State Buckeyes, a buckeye is a nut that is hard and useless.

Which year did the Ohio State buckeyes win their first national championship?


Name the best ncaa men's basketball teams of all times?

2007 Ohio State Buckeyes

How many national championships has nc state won in all sports?

NC State has won 8 national championships: 2 NCAA championships, 2 AIAW championships, and 4 titles under other sanctioning bodies.

Who had more national football championships Michigan or Michigan State?

The Michigan Wolverines have more National Championships with 11. The Michigan State Spartans have six.

How many championships has Ohio State won in basketball?