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Syracuse University has won a total of 10 Div. 1 mens Lacrosse national championships.

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Q: How many NCAA lacrosse champoinships has Syracuse won?
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How many ncaa lacrosse championships have duke university won?


How many in the 2010 ncaa tournament are from new york?

2 -- Cornell and Syracuse

How many colleges offer men's lacrosse?

about 575 ncaa colleges have mens lax

How many colleges and universities in the US offer woman's NCAA lacrosse scholarships?


How many times has Syracuse played Kansas in Basketball?

in the NCAA championship Syracuse had played kansas 8 times in NCAA history.

How many times has Syracuse won the national championship?

Syracuse has won the NCAA basketball championship only once, in 2003.

How many champoinships have the Boston celtics won?

17 championships

Who is the famous lacrosse player?

Matt Ogalsby is very famous!! #88!!!!! Jim Brown, the famous NFL running back from the 60's, was an excellent lax-er at Syracuse University Jay Silverheels (Tonto for the Lone Ranger) was a professional Canadian box lacrosser Answer Improvement: In addition to Jim Brown, Wayne Gretzky was an accomplished lacrosse player, he credits lacrosse for his excellent passing ability. In fact, many NHL players played lacrosse. Brendan Shanahan, Doug Gilmour, Cliff Ronning, Joe Sakic, Steve Larmer, Collin Patterson, Tim Hunter, Paul Kariya, Don Cherry, Gary Roberts, Adam Oates, Paul Coffey, and Joe Nieuwendyk are just a few examples. The most famous players without fame in other sports are probably the Gait brothers, Paul and Gary. They played at Syracuse and won a couple of NCAA titles, then played in the pro American pro box leagues, winning titles there with Philadelphia and a couple of other teams. The Powell brothers, who also attended Syracuse, are also famous. Mike, Ryan and Casey were all notable players. There are others who are famous in certain regional areas. yo

What college plays lacrosse on the east coast?

Boston College, Syracuse, Virginia, Johns Hopkins, Maryland and many, many more. Lax is very popular there.

How many times has Syracuse won the NCAA basketball tournament?

Once. In 2003, with Carmello Anthony and Hakim Warrick leading the way.

How many times has a three seed won in ncaa?

Four times. 1981 - Indiana 1989 - Michigan 2003 - Syracuse 2006 - Florida 1979 was the first year the NCAA Tournament began seeding teams.