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Q: How many NCAA football championships has Troy University won?
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How many division 1 NCAA basketball teams are there in Alabama?

There are 4: University Of Alabama University Of Alabama at Birmingham Troy University Auburn University

Troy university is located in which state?

Troy University - Troy, AlabamaTroy University - Troy, AlabamaTroy University - Troy, AlabamaTroy University - Troy, AlabamaTroy University - Troy, AlabamaTroy University - Troy, Alabama

Who wore football jersey number 10 at Ohio State University?

THE Troy Smith.

Has troy ever won a national college football championship?

Yes ... Troy won the NAIA national championship in 1968 and the NCAA Division II national championship in 1984 and 1987.

Where can you find a Troy football?

You can find a Troy football in any store that stocks college football merchandise. The football team for the college of Troy are called the Troy Trojans.

How many division 1A football teams are in Alabama?

4 Divisin 1 teams: University of Alabama, Auburn University, University of Alabama- Birminingham, Troy University

For what professional football team does Troy Smith play for?

Troy James Smith plays for the Ohama Nighthawks of the United Football League (UFL). He played collage football for the Ohio State University. Troy threw for 969 yards and 12 incredible touchdowns in just his senior year.

What was troy aikman first college football team to play on?

Troy Aikman began his college career during the 1984 season at The University of Oklahoma.

When was Troy University created?

Troy University was created in 1887.

When was Troy Trojans football created?

Troy Trojans football was created in 1909.

Where is troy university at in Alabama?

Troy, Alabama

When was Troy University at Montgomery created?

Troy University at Montgomery was created in 1965.

When did Troy Aikman NFL Football happen?

Troy Aikman NFL Football happened in 1994.

What is the single game record for points in an NCAA basketball game?

Troy University (AL) defeated Devry (Atlanta) 258-141 on January 12, 1992.

What is Troy Polamalu's football number?

Troy Polamalu's # is 43.

When was Troy Aikman NFL Football created?

Troy Aikman NFL Football was created in 1994-08.

How many championships does Troy Polamalu have?

Troy Polamalu is a two time Super Bowl champion (XL and XLIII).

How many World superbike championships did Troy Bayliss win?


When did Troy University - New York - end?

Troy University - New York - ended in 1861.

When was Troy University - New York - created?

Troy University - New York - was created in 1858.

When was Troy Davis - gridiron football - born?

Troy Davis - gridiron football - was born on 1975-09-14.

When was Troy Mills - Canadian football - born?

Troy Mills - Canadian football - was born on 1966-01-07.

When was Troy Taylor - American football - born?

Troy Taylor - American football - was born on 1968-04-05.

Which NCAA basketball team scored the most points in a game?

Troy State

What is the ACT score requirement to get into Troy University?

what is the act score for troy?