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Q: How many NCAA football championships has Louisiana State University won?
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How many NCAA football national championships has Louisiana State University won?


What are the big football colleges in Louisiana?

LSU: Louisiana State University

Who is the football coach for Louisiana state university?

Les Miles is currently the head coach for Louisiana State University.

What state has the most college football championships?

Alabama. The University of Alabama has 12 National Championships

Who has won the most swac football championships?

Grambling State University

How many championships has Washington State university football won?


How many NCAA football championships has the University of Ohio State won?


How many football national championships has Ohio state university won?


How many national championships has Arizona State University football won?


How many NCAA football championships has the university of boise state won?


What is the name of the louisiana state university football stadium in baton rouge louisiana?

tiger stadium

How many championships has the Florida State University football team won?

1993 and 1999

What schools have won 3 consecutive football national championships?

Appalachian State University

What is the best college to go to to become a football player?

Louisiana State University

Division 1 college football programs in Louisiana?

There are several Division 1 college football programs in Louisiana. These include Louisiana State University, Louisiana Tech, Louisiana Lafayette, as well as Louisiana Monroe.

How many championships does penn state football have?

Penn State- 9 Championships

How many national state championships has the University of Florida football won?

Three. 1996, 2006, 2008.

What universities have won NCAA championships in football basketball and baseball?

Only one - Jacksonville State University

When was LSU Tigers representing Louisiana State University Baton Rouge Louisiana in the NCAA's Division I football created?

LSU Tigers football was created in 1893.

When was Louisiana State University created?

Louisiana State University was created in 1860.

Where did JaMarcus Russell play college football?

JaMarcus Russell attended Louisiana State University.

How many Louisiana state university football players have won super bowl rings?


Sports played in Louisiana?

FOOTBALL! Louisiana State University's football program is repeatedly ranked within the top ten teams in the nation. PS - this was answered by a woman

Whic team has won the most Division 2 football championships?

North Dakota state university bison

Which five teams have the most Division 1 football championships?

The Ohio State University has 7 national championships. When they beat the University of Miami in 2002 that gave them their seventh championship since 1952.