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Q: How many NCAA division 1 AAA schools are there?
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When did Fairfield University become a Division I school?

The Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC), of which Fairfield is a member, was recognized as a Division I conference in 1984. Technically, Fairfield is listed as Division I-AAA (a school in Division I which does not field a football team). Fairfield discontinued its football program in 2003. The MAAC discontinued football altogether in 2007. Note that the NCAA can and does assign a school to different divisions for different sports, and that they reclassify schools frequently.

Is AA school the same as AAA school?

"Although I can not not provide you with many specifics, I do know that an AA school is not the same as an AAA school. There are a variety of schools that go by AAA such as Trucking schools and Safety Patrol, where the AA school that I found is a school of Architecture. The AA and AAA can stand for a variety of schools."

What is Div. 1AAA?

Division I non-football schools, play in conferences like the "Big West Conference", which are colloquially referred to as Division 1-AAA conferences. Large schools without a football budget (often times due to Title IX compliance) such as CSUN, fall into this category. These are typically the universities that earn the 15 and 16 seeds in the NCAA tournament, that won their respective conferences and earned automatic berths, although you've most likely never heard of them.

What does A or AAA in soccer mean?

A, AA, and AAA are classifications in the sections or divisions of soccer. A is referring to schools that have low enrollement rates. AAA are usually the schools with high enrolement. They have nothing to do with the game itself. A, AA, and AAA are used in high school soccer.

Where can one find AAA Driver Training School in CT?

There are several AAA accredited driving schools located in Connecticut. There are accredited schools in Old Saybrook, Manchester, Bozrah, and West Hartford.

Is Appalachian State University a AA or AAA school?

they are a AA division school

What is the best baseball in Rhode Island?

The Pawtucket Red Sox are the AAA Division of Major League Baseball.

How many volt does a AAA battery have?

alkaline AAA = 1.5 volts

How many AAA clubs in Texas 1949?

how many AAA clubs are existing in Texas 1949

What is AAA in volleyball?

In collage volleyball there are three levels D1 being the best (Penn State, Nebraska, Iowa State and so on) then there is D2 that might be AAA and finally D3. (D = division)

What do you have to be really good at to become a vet?

Fortunately, most middle and high schools now require aaa certain number of community service hours per year to graduate. Thus aaa student may get credit for work with aaa localvetvetvet, vetvetvet hospital or humane shelter. If there is an opportunity to work in aaa zoo with exotic animals, this increases the chance of college acceptance as well. However, students should avoid getting pigeonholed into one specialty. Students should try out as many different types of "vetting" as possible. They should not expect pay, as volunteer work is usually unpaid. Once in college, if one cannot specialize in veterinary medicine, then it is recommended that they specialize in aaa science field like biology or biochemistry. On the way to becoming aaa veterinarian, one must get excellent grades. There are fewer than 30 accredited schools for the would-be veterinarian in the US. If aaa candidate's grades are not terrific, chances of getting accepted by one of these schools is minimal. Not every school requires aaa bachelor's degree, but most do. One can definitely increase the chances of becoming aaa veterinarian if he or she holds aaa four-year degree prior to applying to veterinary schools. AAA candidate should have some experience working with animals while in college, since the veterinarian needs aaa working knowledge of many of the sciences. Once in aaa school for veterinary medicine, aaa veterinary student will complete an average of four years of study plus practical training before applying to become aaa licensed veterinarian. These years should be preparation to take federal licensing exams. One should also expect to take state licensing examinations for any state where

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