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Q: How many NCAA championships does Wake Forest have in NCAA baseball have?
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How many NCAA championships has Wake Forest won basketball?

None.Wake Forest has had some great teams over the years, but has yet to capture the prize.

What seed was Wake Forest in the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament?

Wake Forest was a number 4 seed in the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Who is the active leader in FGs in the NCAA?

Sam Swank - Wake Forest

How many players from Wake Forest have won NBA championships?

too many

How many ncaa basketball championships has Wake Forest won?

They have never won the NCAA Division I basketball championship. The Deacons only trip to the Final Four was 1962. They did win the National Invitational Tournament (NIT) post-season title in 2000.

List the NCAA division one football teams by enrollment?

Tulsa, Wake Forest

In what state is the Wake Forest soccer team based?

The Wake Forest soccer team is based out of Wake Forest University. The university is located in North Carolina. The team defeated Ohio State for the NCAA soccer championship in 2007.

What are the ten smallest div 1 NCAA colleges?

Rice University Wake Forest University University of Maine

What is the history of Wake Forest Basketball?

Wake forest basketball is collegiate sports team of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The Wake Forest Deamon Deacons basketball team plays at the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum located in Winston-Salem North Carolina.

How many teams in the NCAA are from North Carolina?

There are 4 Carolina @ Chapel Hill Duke Wake Forest NC State

Where is the Wake Forest Library in Wake Forest located?

The address of the Wake Forest Library is: 400 E Holding Ave, Wake Forest, 27587 2926

What county is Wake Forest NC in?

Wake Forest, North Carolina is in Wake County.

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