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2 (1927*, 1936*)

Pre-tournament era Helms Trophy

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Q: How many NCAA Mens basketball championships had Notre Dame Won?
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What NCAA mens basketball team to beat UCLA mens basketball team before UCLA mens basketball team started 88 game winning streak?

January 23, 1971: Notre Dame 89 - UCLA 81 January 19, 1974: Notre Dame 71 - UCLA 70

Who won the ncaa championship in mens basketball in 1946?

Oklahoma A&M

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Which mens basketball team has the most NCAA tournament wins without ever winning it all?

Which mens basketball team has made the most NCAA tournament appearances without winning a championship?Notre Dame

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how many sec championships has Kentucky won in mens basketball

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How many men's basketball NCAA championships have the Louisville?

Louisville has won 2 mens ncaa championships.

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How many championships does Clemson mens basketball have?

Clemson University has never won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

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