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The Texas Longhorns have the won three NCAA Football Championships: 1963, 1969, and 2005

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Q: How many NCAA Football Championships have the Texas Longhorns won?
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How many NCAA championships does Alabama have?

If it is football , the answer is 13 and counting. The most recent is 2009 against the Texas Longhorns.

At which university in Texas is the Longhorns football program?

The Texas Longhorns football program is available at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas. The team competes in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision.

What is Justin Biebers favorite ncaa football team?

it is the Texas longhorns

How many NCAA football championships has the Texas A and M University won?

Texas A&M won the NCAA Football National Championship in 1939.

When did the Texas Longhorns win the NCAA football title?

The last time they won it was the 2005 season.

Who has the largest scoreboard in NCAA football?

University of Texas Longhorns, followed by Mississippi State University Bulldogs

How many NCAA football championships has Texas Christian University won?


Which NCAA football player has the most career wins?

Colt McCoy - QB, Texas Longhorns - 2007-2010

Who was BCS NCAA Football champs for 2005?

The University of Texas Longhorns, who defeated the USC Trojans in the 2006 Rose Bowl.

Which NCAA football Coach has the most NCAA football championships?

Phillip Fulmer

Who has the most wins in NCAA football?

Michigan has the most wins in Division I-A college football. Texas Longhorns are second (has 845) and Notre Dame is third (837)

What NCAA school has the most popular apparel?

Answer Texas longhorns!Texas longhorns!

How many NCAA football championships has the University of Texas won?

FOUR recognized National Championships... (1963, 1969, 1970, 2005)

Who has the 2nd most ncaa football championships?

Yale - 27 Championships.

How many National Championships has Texas tech won?

The Texas Tech Red Raiders have never won a national championship in NCAA Football. The Lady Red Raiders won the NCAA Basketball Championship in 2013.

How many times have Texas longhorns won the ncaa championship?

4 times

Most NCAA football championships?


How many ncaa football championships has Syracuse won?

the Syracuse orange have won 11 championships

How many ncaa football championships has Oklahoma won?

NCAA don't officially recognize football championships. My Sooner have won 7 championships thru the AP Poll and UPI (coaches) and one BCS championship.

What football team has won the most NCAA championships?

Michigan has 11 Football national championships. Go blue!

How many total NCAA championships has the University of Texas won?

39 out of their 47 won national championships are NCAA championship wins.

How many championships do Ohio State have in football?

they have 18 national championships most in ncaa

Which player has the most NCAA football championships?

which player won the most BCS championships

Who wont the most championships in NCAA football?


Who has the most NCAA football championships?

Notre dame