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Q: How many NBA players have been born in California?
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How many nba players have been born in Oakland?


How many NBA Players have been born in Detroit?


How many NHL players have been born in Missouri?

So far there have been 11 NHL players who've been born in Missouri. The first was Landon Wilson, from St Louis, who played 1996-2009.

How many baseball players are born in US?

Since 1871, 75,933 major leaguers have been born in the US,

What famous women were born in California?

Many famous women have been born in the state of California. For example, there are Drew Barrymore and Tracy Austin.

What famous people were born in californa?

There have been many famous people born in California, thousands in fact

How many California players are in the NFL?

30 as of the 2008 season

How many players from Puerto Rico have been in baseball?

According to Baseball Almanac, as of the start of the 2007 season 223 former and current MLB players had been born in Puerto Rico. Click on the 'MLB Players born in Puerto Rico' link on this page to see a list of those players.

How many NHL players were born in South Carolina?

None, not one NHL player has been born in South Carolina.

How many football players have been in trouble at the university of Michigan?

20 players have been in trouble

Has there been any UFO sightings in California?

YES there have been many many many many ufo sightings in california

What state produce the most baseball players in the Major League Baseball?

The State of California, not Georgia. Georgia is 4th but has only produced one third as many current players as Texas who is 2nd. California has over TWICE as many current MLB players as Texas and about 7 times as many players as Georgia If you are talking all time California is #1, Georgia is #14

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