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Q: How many NBA championships has the bucks won?
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NBA Milwaukee Bucks championships?

The Bucks have won 1 NBA championship, that being in the 1970-71 season.

How many NBA championship has the lakers won?

16 nba championships

How many nba championships have the lakers won?

They have 1 NBL title and 16 NBA championships.

What team won the most championships in the NBA?

The Boston Celtics won the most NBA championships. They won 17 NBA Titles (

How many championships has Jerry Buss won?

10 NBA championships. 2 WNBA championships.

How many championships has charlotte won in nba?


How many nba championships have the celtis won?


How many NBA championships for Magic Johnson and how many championships for Michael Jordan?

Magic Johnson won five NBA championships. Michael Jordan is a six-time NBA champion.

How many NBA championships do the timberwolves have?

Minnesota has never won an NBA championship.

How many NBA championships has San Antonio spurs won?

Just one, for the lone NBA championship they won in 2011.

How many championships has derrick fisher won?

Derek Fisher has won 3 NBA Championships. ALL with the Lakers.

How many NBA championships has Udonis Haslem won?