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Darrell Waltrip has 84 Nascar Cup Series wins and 13 Busch Series wins.

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Q: How many NASCAR wins does Darrell Waltrip have?
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Who is tied with Darrell Waltrip in wins?

In the Nascar Cup Series, Bobby Allison is tied with Darrell Waltrip for fourth on the all-time wins list, with 84.

Who has the 3rd most wins in Nascar history?

Bobby Allison and Darrell Waltrip are tied for third with 84 wins.

Who is fourth with the most wins in NASCAR?

Tie between Bobby Allison and Darrell Waltrip with 84 wins each. Although Allison to this day claims to have won 85, which he did, but NASCAR doesn't count it.

Who has the most wins in a Nascar season but didn't win the championship?

In 1985 Bill Elliott won 11 races and Darrell Waltrip won the Championship with 3 victories.

Who are the top 5 winningest drivers in NASCAR?

Most all-time wins in Nascar history: 1. Richard Petty - 200 wins 2. David Pearson - 105 wins 3. Jeff Gordon - 85 wins 4. Bobby Allison - 84 wins 5. Darrell Waltrip - 84 wins

Who has the most consecutive wins at Bristol Motor Speedway?

Darrell Waltrip, with seven.

How many wins does Michael Waltrip have in the Nascar Cup Series?

Michael Waltrip has won four Nascar Cup Series races. They were all restrictor plate races.February 18, 2001 - Daytona 500July 6, 2002 - Pepsi 400 (Daytona)February 16, 2003 - Daytona 500September 28, 2003 - EA Sports 500 (Talladega)

How many Nascar wins does Chevrolet have?


How many wins does gregg biffle have in the top 3 nascar divisions?

Greg Biffle has 16 nascar cup wins.

How many wins does Kyle Busch have in the Nascar Truck Series?

Kyle Busch has 40 Nascar Truck Series wins in his career.

How many NASCAR wins does Chevy have?

Over 700.

How many wins does Chevy have in NASCAR?

Over 700.

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