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3 million worldwide. but have a lot of watchers

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Q: How many Munster rugby supporters are there worldwide?
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How many supporters does Ulster rugby have?

On a regular basis about 10 thousand but there are of cousres TV supporters who cannot get to the grounds

Is rugby or handball more popular worldwide? many countries have a professional handball team?

How many counties in munster?

there are 6 counties in Munster

How many supporters does man united have?

around 320 mil worldwide (abot 5% of the worlds population)

What is the 3 kings of Munster?

The three crowns on the Munster flag relate to the three ancient Munster kingdoms of Thomond, Desmond and Ormond. There were many kings of Munster.

When you buy rugby tickets are you automatically seated with the team you support?

No. Rugby, unlike soccer encourages mixed supporter games. Rugby is one of the few sports where you will NOT see issues in the supporter stands . Rugby supporters are some of the best behaved across the world of sport and the game prides itself on supporters who enjoy the banter between the 2 sides many who then will socialise after that game.

How many munster football titles have Kerry?

At the end of the 2011 Championships, they have 75 Senior titles in Munster.

How many Leinster rugby supporters are there?

Ther are no specific statistics on this type of questions but you could make it to plus 20 thousand plus as there are supporters who attend games and those who are followers of the game and this club via TV matches

How many countries in Munster Ireland?

there are 6 counties in Munster - Cork, Tipperary, Waterford, Clare, Limerick and Kerry

How many rugby supporters in South Africa?

You can count on at least four million (the remaining white community) plus one (Nelson Mandela) - the problem arises in attempting to estimate how many 'coloureds' and 'blacks' have any interest in the apartheid-stained game of rugby.

How many counties are in Munster?

There are six counties in the Irish province Munster: Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Clare, Waterford and Tipperary.

Is football or rugby better?

its purley a matter of personal preference. Many rugby player/supporters feel that the game IS the better of the two when compared to football (soccer) as the game has a history of discipline. It was once said of the two games "Football is a gentlemans game played by thugs where Rugby is a thugs game played by gentlemen" You will never see a group of rugby players surrounding a referee, swearing, being openly aggressive and pushing officials about yet its a week event in soccer. Also look at soccer matches and you will see police officers marshelling the supporters, supporters segregated around the groud and kept apart pre and post match time. In rugby You have stewards with mixed stands filled with banter filled supporters singing supportive songs which contain no foul language - pre and post matches see supporters mixing, even when alchohol is present and the only fighting seen is to the bar for the next pint of beer.

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