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Q: How many Michael Jordan rare air cards is there?
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Are any of Michael Jordan's basketbal cards valuable?

Some are very valuable - his early cards easily go into the thousands and some rare later auto cards into the tens of thousands.

What is the value of an autographed Michael Jordan Rare Air book?


How much is a Michael Jordan rare air collection lithograph worth?

4.3 million how much is a 23 x 36 rare air collection of Michael Jordan's "Hands" worth?

What is a rare Michael Jordan card worth?

it worth 25 dollars

Michael Jordan 1993 nba finals mvp upper deck card?

around 5 bucks due to the fact that a lot of those were made, not making them rare cards.

How much is a Michael Jordan Wheaties box worth?

Michael Jordan rare vintage mint Wheaties cereal box $49.95 +$20.00 shipping

How much is a rare Chicago Bulls vintage sports specialtie snapback hat autographed by Michael Jordan worth?

very rare

How much is a special 22 kt 12 card signed set 1985 through 1997 of Michael Jordan cards worth?

Unfortunately, I too thought that by now this set of cards might be worth something. It was a Gatorade promotion that produced these cards. If I remember correctly, you had to send the Gatorade proof of purchase to receive the set of cards, which many people did. So these cards are not all that rare. The entire set is only worth $28 dollars.

What is the value of a 1984 missing links productions Michael Jordan olympic rookie card?

at best $20 this is a widely reprinted card and no one knows how many were even mad

How many rare Pokemon cards are there?


How many 1984 Michael Jordan rookie cards were produced?

This was a very highly produced card. I can't tell you a figure but it is far from rare - there are hundreds available per year on various online auction sites. Though the card was also very highly counterfeited so only ever look at buying graded Jordan rookies.

Where are rare cards?

Usually old collectors that have been collecting since the card game was introduced. Many of the rare cards are old vintage cards.

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