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Q: How many Michael Jordan cards have been published?
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How many different Michael Jordan cards have been made?


What is Michael Jordan's lifestyle?

Michael Jordan lives what could be called a extravagant lifestyle. He has been known to gamble large sums of money on golf shots and hands of cards.

How much is a Michael Jordan Chicago White Sox Rookie of the year card worth?

There are a few cards that are considered to be Michael Jordan's Rookie baseball card. Michael Jordan never made it to the Major leagues, or the Chicago White Sox, and could not have been named Rookie of the year. His numbers in the minors would not have won him this award at that level as well. If you could list the number of the card, and the company that issued the set, I could help you out with a value. See Related Links for values of Michael Jordan baseball cards.

Did Michael Jordan ever jumped and been off the ground for six seconds?

no Michael Jordan have been for 4 seconds

What is an example of endorsement?

An example of an endorsement is Michael Jordan and Hanes. Michael Jordan has been a celebrity endorsement for Hanes for years.

When did Michael Jordan become a guest on the show sesame street?

He didn't. Michael Jordan's never been on Sesame Street.

What brand of shoes does Michael Jordan own?

Michael Jordan co-owns the Air Jordan brand with Nike. They were first introduced in 1985 and been selling ever since. There have been many versions of the shoe, and all have been very popular.

How long has Michael Jackson been dating Michael Jordan?

Michael Jackson wasn't gay, and so never dated Michael Jordan. Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 I don't think Michael Jordan is gay either.

Is Michael Jordan a member of WikiAnswers?

Michael Jordan most likely doesn't have time to be contributing to sites, he has other things to do and a career to keep. There might be posers that are trying to convince users thatthey are Michael Jordan for attention, but it hasn't been confirmed that Michael Jordan has an account on WikiAnswers.

How much Michael Jordan bench press?

During the 1992 finals Ahamad Rashard said he saw Jordan lift 265 Michael Jordan has been known to bench press 300lbs.

Who has been to more winning playoff games Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

micheal jordan

Who would win in one on one Larry Bird Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan would win because he was the best player to ever play in the NBA. And Larry Bird has been picked 3 times for the best player three times. Michael Jordan has been it 5 times

How many video games have Michael Jordan been in?

1 Jordan vs Bird on the nes in 1989

What is Michael Jordan's work experience?

The majority of Michael Jordan's work experience is playing professional basketball. In addition, he has been the spokesperson for many products he has endorsed.

Who has been on the most Wheaties' boxes ever?

Michael Jordan

When did Michael Jordan retired from the bull?

yes, he had been retired

Has Michael jorden ever been with the lakers?

Jordan has only been with the Bulls and the Wizards.

How old is Michael H. Jordan?

Michael H. Jordan was born on June 13, 1936 and died on May 25, 2010. Michael H. Jordan would have been 73 years old at the time of death or 79 years old today.

How many Michael Morpurgo books have been published?

Michael Morpurgo has written, and had published, 120 books.See the related link for a selected list.

How many jordan shoes have been made?

Over 5 million of Jordan shoes have been made. Michael Jordan was the first athlete to reach the one billion US dollar mark.

How long has Michael Jordan been playing basketball?

none of your business.

Who is the athelete that has been on the Wheaties box the most?


Why did Michael Jordan reture to the NBA?

He realized the gift that he had been given.

Who has been a teammate with Michael Jordan and LeBron James?

Joe miller

How many years have Michael Jordan been in Business?

14 years