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how high can you count?

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What is the metric system prefix for the quantity 0.001

In the metric system what is the prefix for 1000

In a given community a grasshopper eats grass a bird eats the grasshopper and a cat eats the bird What is the trophic level of the bird

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Q: How many Mexicans soccer players play in Europe?
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How many amateur soccer players are there in Europe?

your mom 5234 players in europe

How many professional soccer players are there in Europe?


How many Mexicans watch soccer weekly?

Millions. Soccer is a big deal for Mexicans.

Hom many argentinen soccer players in Europe?

i guess there would be about ........ 111

How many people become soccer players?

At this time are very many people soccer player in Europe must soccer player are in Russia and in word Brasil have most soccer player Source:

How many players on a soccer?

6 players

How many professional soccer teams are there in Europe?

how many professional soccer teams are there in Europe

What is the average salary of a Mexican soccer player?

although Mexican soccer/football player salary are not well known they get paid similar amounts as players in Europe. That is why many football players from Mexico do not go to Europe since their future in a stating lineup can be uncertain in Europe and they can get the same amount of cash in Mexico.

How many players are supposed to be on a team of soccer?

for professional soccer, you can have 30 players as a maximum.

How many soccer players in the US?

US Soccer players steady at 18.2 Million

How many players on a soccer field?

11 players

How many people in the world play soccer and think that soccer is important?

Teams qualifiable for the UEFA (Europe) competitions total about 140 thousand players. There is no way of making an accurate count of how many people play soccer. There are billions of soccer fans.

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