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Sidney Crosby won a gold medal in men's hockey in the 2010 Winter Olympics. He is on the team in the 2014 Olympics.

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Q: How many Medals did Sidney Crosby win at the Olympics?
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How many times has Sidney Crosby been in the Olympics?

only one counting these Olympics

How many gold medals dose Sidney Crosby have?

he won 2 gold

How many goals did Sidney Crosby score in the 2010 Olympics?


How many medals has Sidney Crosby won in the Olympics?

Just one. In the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games for Ice Hockey; which is the only time he's competed in the Olympics, as he was not an established player in the 2006 winter olympics.

How many concussions has Sidney Crosby had in the past year?

Sidney Crosby has had 2 concussions.

How many Olympics goals does Sidney Crosby have?

Sidney Srosby has four olympic goals, including the golden goal which he scored to win the olympic finals against USA in 2010 winter olympics.

How many siblings does Sidney Crosby have?

Sidney has one sister.

How many cups has Sidney Crosby won?

Sid has won 1 Stanley cup and 1 gold medal in the Olympics in 2010

How many medals are in the Olympics?

There are 903 medals in the Olympics.

How many medals dose Sidney Crosby have?

He has won 3 medals, 1 Silver and 1 Gold in the World Junior Championships and 1 Gold at the 2010 Olympic winter Games in Vancouver

How many Stanley cups has Sidney Crosby won?

Sid has won 1 Stanley cup and 1 gold medal in the Olympics in 2010

How many medals does yao ming have?

He hasn't won any medals, but playing for China, his team placed 10th in Sidney Olympics, 12th in Indianapolis World Championship, 8th in Athens Olympics, 15th in Tokyo World Championship and 8th in Beijing Olympics.

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