How many Mario fans are there?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: How many Mario fans are there?
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How many Mario fans are there like you that know almost every thing about Mario?

I am not sure, but I can guess. There are probably alot of Mario fans, but not very many do the research that is needed to know almost everything about the Mario series. Personally, I do my research every day, and I am called The Mario Fanatic at my school. This series is very interesting, although people think that if you know to much, it might spoil the fun. But it doesn't.

Who is more famous Madonna or Mario?

Probably Maddona but Mario is just so classic too, really good game to play. But Madonna has many more fans i'd say.

Who has more fans Sonic or Mario?

The Mario game series has sold more than the Sonic game series, so Mario's video games have more fans. As to which character has more fans is still debated; polls usually split 50/50 on the matter.

How come girls are in Super Smash Bros Brawl?

they are there by poplar demand peach has been in almost every Mario game so far so it is hard to get rid of her with the many peach fans and many teens wanted samus (SEXY) and so many Zelda fans

Does Mario hate peach?

No, and why would she? Mario goes on adventures just because he wants to save Peach. If I were Peach, I wouldn't hate him. Some Mario fans even think that Mario and Peach are a couple.

How many fans does tupac have?

9,975,757,234,576 fans

How many fans does Jesse McCartney have?

how many fans does Jesse McCartney have

Will they make another Mario game?

Yes. Mario is too popular amongst fans to stop right now and this year in 2011 sometime in November i think a new Mario Kart is being released

Is super Mario 3D land worth getting?

Yes in fact it is! It is quite the game for mario fans that have nostalgia for old mario games and it is also for hardcore players! I am gonna buy it and never exchange it!!!

How many Man fans are there worldwide?

Probably as many as there are woman fans in the world.

How many fans dose harry styles have?

How many fans does have harry styles

How many fans for Chelsea Deschambault?

She has 6750,8766 fans!!!!