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In 1939, both the American League and the National League had eight teams each.

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Q: How many Major League Baseball teams were there in 1939?
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Lou Gehrig was inducted into?

The Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in 1939.

What day and year was Lou Gehrig's Last game in major league baseball?

April 30, 1939

When was the first Major League Baseball game on TV?

1939...the same year that 'Gone with the Wind' and 'The Wizard of Oz' went in movies.

Anything noteworthy today in history 12th of June?

On June 12, 1939, the Hall of Fame for Major League Baseball opened.

Were there any New York professional baseball teams during the Great Depression?

Giants Yankees DodgersBetween the years 1929 -1939, the years of the great depression, New York had 3 Major League baseball teams. The New York Yankees, the New York Giants, and the Brooklyn Dodgers (named the Brooklyn Robins from 1920 -1931).

For the first time in history how could people see a major league baseball game besides going to the baseball park 8-26-1939?

By watching it on TV.

Who created Little League Baseball?

Carl Stotz in 1939.

Who led baseball's American league in batting average in 1939?

in 1939 Joe DiMaggio led the American league in batting with a .381 average.

Where was little league baseball invented?

The Little League was founded by Carl Stotz in 1939 as a three-team league in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

How college basketball teams in 1939?

How many college basketball teams played in 1939

What made Moe Berg the Most Dangerous Catcher?

Berg, who played for several major-league teams from 1923 to 1939, doubled as an American spy. While participating in baseball-related tours of Japan, for instance, he provided the U.S. government valuable information about Japanese activities in the 1930s.

What major league baseball team won the most world series titles in the 1930s?

New York Yankees with 5 (1932, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939).

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