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Q: How many Major League Baseball teams have camps in the Dominican Republic?
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Which foreign country has produced the most Major League Baseball players?

Dominican Republic

Which Latin American country is most represented by major league baseball players?

The Dominican Republic

Where was the Major League Baseball invented?

in dominican republic on 2009 by j.g,babyf,tictac, and bullet head

Baseball in the dominican republic where is the winter baseball?

The Dominican Republic Winter League season runs from October to January and serves not only as a developmental league for young players but also as an offseason home for major-leaguers looking to keep their skills sharp for spring training. If you're planning a vacation to the Dominican Republic during these months, you can probably score tickets to one of the 50 games of the season.

Does the dominican republic have the most major league players per capita?

I believe so.

Why was felipe alou famous?

Felipe Alou was famous because he was a player in Major League Baseball. He was also one of the first people from the Dominican Republic to play in American baseball.

Why does the Dominican Republic stand out?

Because of its beautiful beaches and nature.Also, a lot of Dominican baseball players are in the major leagues in the U.S.

What foreign country produced the most major league baseball players?

The Dominican Republic has produced 486 MLB players, by tfar the msot of any foreign country.

What are 5 facts about Dominican Republic?

~ The national sport of the Dominican Republic is baseball. Dominicans make up a larger percentage of players in Major League Baseball than any country outside of North America ~ Even though Santiago is the second largest city in Dominican Republic, as of 2006 the metropolitan area of New York City had a larger population of Dominicans. ~ The Dominican Republic is the oldest European settlement. ~ The whole country had to be re-built in 1930 because of a hurricane. ~ Christopher Columbus is buried in the Dominican Republic

What Major League teams once held Spring Training in the Dominican Republic?

Only one team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, held spring training in the Dominican Republic. They did it in 1948 when they were the Brooklyn Dodgers.

What are the magor citys of the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic major city is Santo Domingo, National District.

What is Pedro martinez known for?

A professional baseball pitcher, Pedro Martinez was born October 25,1971. Born in the Dominican Republic and schooled at Ohio Dominican University, he is best known for being the first Latin-American to strike out 300 batters in a season!