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about 5% of MLB players or (Major League Baseball) players used or inject steroids. Some of the greats like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, ALex Rodriquez, Roger Clemens, Miguel Tejada, and Rafael Palmeiro. Thos are just some of the great players.

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Q: How many Major League Baseball players have been banned for using steroids?
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What year were steroids banned in baseball?

On 7 June 1991, Commissioner Fay Vincent sent a memo to each team announcing that steroids have been added to the league's banned list. However, testing for major league players did not begin until the 2003 season.

Do rugby players use steroids?

The have, they do and if caught are banned from the game.

Should baseball players or other professional athletes who have taken steroids be banned from a Hall of Fame or have to return awards they have earned?


How many major league baseball players have tested positive for banned substances?


Should baseball players be banned from the hall of fame for taking steroids?

IMO, yes they cheated so they should not even be considered.

How many White Sox players were banned from baseball?

8 White Sox players were banned from baseball.

Do NBA players use steroids?

YES ... The last player to be caught and banned for using steroids in the NBA was the Hornets' Chris Andersen ...

Are tennis players subjected to drugs testing prior to or during major tournaments and is the use of steroids permitted?

Steroids are banned substances on the ATP and WTA tours. Players are subject to random testing.

Are cortical steroids banned in the NCAA?

Steroids of all form are banned in the NCAA.

How do players get in the Major League Baseball 08 the show?

In order for players to be playable players in "MLB 08 The Show," they must have played at least 1 game in the previous Major League Baseball season and they cannot be 1 of the players that are known as "replacement players" meaning players who played during the 1995 season while there was a Baseball strike ongoing, this is because the replacement players are banned from entering into the Players' Association which means they cannot be in any games that are under license with Major League Baseball and the Players' Association.

Why have steroids been banned from sports?

They have been banned because they have been improving how players play and they aren't good for you. This may not be the correct answer if not i am truly srry.

Did baseball players in the George Mitchell report get banned from baseball?

Nobody got banned forever but many players were suspended for a good period of time.

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