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They have never won.

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Q: How many MLS championships has FC Dallas won?
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How many championships have the dallas mavericks won?


How many championships have Dallas won?

Five. The Cowboys won NFL championships in 1971, 1977, 1992, 1993 and 1995.

How many championships have the Houston dynamos won?

The Dynamos have won 2 MLS Cups (2006, 2007).

Who won the MLS playoffs in 2010?

The Colorado beat FC Dallas 2-1 at the MLS Cup on November 21.

What nba team won the least championships?

dallas mavericks

Who has won the most NFC division championships?

dallas cowboys

Who won the NBA championships for 2011?

The Miami Heat came runner up. the Dallas Mavericks won the championship.

How many MLS cups did Colorado Rapids won?

They have won 1 mls cup.

Who has won more championships the Pittsburgh Steelers or Dallas Cowboys?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won an unprecedented six Super Bowl championships. The Dallas Cowboys are in second place, tied with the San Francisco 49ers at five.

How many championships has New England won?

The New England Revolution have never won the MLS Cup, however they have been runnersup upon 4 different occasions (2002, 2005, 2006, 2007). They have won the US Open Cup once (2007) and were runners up once (2001). The were the runnersup on the MLS Supporters Shield (2005). and won the Superliga once (2008)

What professional football team won the most championships?

The Pittsburgh Steelers with 6 Super Bowl Championships, have the most. The Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers have won 5 each.

Who has more super bowl rings Dallas cowboys or Washington Redskins?

Cowboys have won 5 superbowls, the Redskins have won 3.