How many MLL teams are there?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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There are 18 MLS teams. The are split into two leagues the Eastern and Western Conference. The western conference has 8 teams while the Eastern Conference has 8. In the...

Eastern Conference

Chicago Fire

Columbus Crew

D.C. United

Houston Dynamo

New England Revolution

Philadelphia Union

Red Bull New York

Sporting Kansas City

Toronto FC

Western Conference

Chivas USA

Colorado Rapids

FC Dallas

LA Galaxy

Portland Timbers

Real Salt Lake

San Jose Earthquakes

Seattle Sounders FC

Vancouver Whitecaps

* Montreal Impact will join the league in 2012 presumably they'll be in the East.

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Ten as of the 2008 Season 1) LA Riptide 2) San Francisco Dragons 3) Washington Bayhawks 4) Boston Cannons 5) Chicago Machine 6) Denver Outlaws 7) Long Island Lizards 8) New Jersey Pride 9) Philadelphia Barrage 10) Rochester Rattlers

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Q: How many MLL teams are there?
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