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51 players have hit two home runs in the same inning. Micheal Cuddyer of the Minnesota Twins was the last to accomplish this feat on 23Aug2009 vs the Royals This was part of a 8 run inning for the Twins.

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This has been accomplished 51 times in MLB history. Those that have done it since 2000: Bret Boone, Mariners - May 2, 2002, 1st inning

Mike Cameron, Mariners - May 2, 2002, 1st inning

Carl Everett, Rangers - July 26, 2002, 7th inning

Nomar Garciaparra, Red Sox - July 23, 2002, 3rd inning

Magglio Ordonez, Tigers - August 12, 2007, 2nd inning

Alex Rodriguez, Yankees - September 5, 2007, 7th inning

Jared Sandberg, Rays - June 11, 2002, 5th inning

Mark Belhorn, White Sox - August 29, 2002, 4th inning

Aaron Boone, Reds - August 9, 2002, 1st inning

Eric Karros, Dodgers - August 22, 2000, 6th inning

Bengie Molina, Giants - May 7, 2007, 5th inning

Juan Rivera, Expos - June 19, 2004, 2nd inning

Reggie Sanders, Pirates - August 20, 2003, 5th inning Three players have done this twice: Andre Dawson of the Expos in 1978 and 1985

Jeff King of the Pirates in 1995 and 1996

Willie McCovey of the Giants in 1973 and 1977 Click on the 'Players to hit 2 HRs in one inning' link below to see a list of all players that have accomplished the feat.

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Fernando Tatis, dominican Baseball player. On April 23, 1999, Tatis made history by hitting two grand slams in a single inning. He hit both against Chan Ho Park of the Los Angeles Dodgers. With this feat, Tatís also set a Major-League record with eight RBI in a single inning.

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The Major League players that have hit 2 Homeruns in 1 inning are Carlos Baerga, Bill Regan, Joe DiMaggio, Kenny Williams, Al Kaline, Jim Lemon, Joe Pepitone, Rick Reichardt, Cliff Johnson, Joe Carter, Ellis Burks, Dave Nilsson, Mark McGwire, Mike Cameron, Bret Boone, Nomar Garciaparra, Jared Sandberg, Carl Everett, Julio Lugio, Magglio Ordonez, David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez, Edwind Encarnacion, Adrian Belttre, Michael Cuddyer, Kendrys Morales, Charley Jones, Jake Stenzel, Bobby Lowe, Hack Wilson, Hank Leiber, Sid Gordon, Andy Seminick, Willie McCovey, John Boccabella, Lee May, Andre Dawson, Ray Knight, Von Hayes, Jeff Bagwell, Dave Murphy, Jeff King, Mike Lansing, Gary Sheffield, Sammy Sosa, Pabo Sandoval, Juan Uribe, Bengie Molina, Jim Edonds, Juan Rivera, Fernando Tatis, Eric Karrros, Mark Bellhorn, Aaron Boone and Reggie Sanders.

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David Ortiz hit 2 3-R Home runs against the Texas Rangers in the 1st inning on August 12, 2008.

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Carlos Baerga from both sides of the plate

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Q: How many MLB players have hit multiple home runs in the same inning?
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