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Q: How many Kentucky Derbys have there been?
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How many derbys have there been?


How many Madrid derbys has Fernando Torres played in?


Which horse won the Kentucky Derby in the race of 2010?

The person who won the Kentucky Derby in the race of 2010 is Calvin Borel. He set a new record, and became the first jockey to win 3 out of 4 consecutive Kentucky Derbys.

How many Kentucky Derbies have there been?


How many times has Kentucky been on probation?

to many to count

How many speeding tickets have been issued in Kentucky in 2008?

there have been 6,988 tickets issued for speeding in Kentucky in 2008

How many years has the Kentucky Derby been held?

The first Kentucky Derby was held in 1875.

What do fruit flies do to your fruit?

they ride it in derbys

How many woman jockeys have been in the Kentucky Derby?


How many years has the Kentucky derby been around?


Who is derbys top scorer this year?

Nathen Ellington

How many years has Laurel County been in Kentucky?

210 years

How many Kentucky Derby horses have been injured in the race?

There is not an official record of how many Kentucky Derby horses have been injured in the race. This is also because injuries may have been caused by the race but appeared later.

How many national championships has Kentucky won in football?

The University of Kentucky has never been recognized as a national champion in football.

How many capitals has kentucky had?

Kentucky has had only one capital city. It has always been Frankfort. Kentucky has had four capital buildings. The first two were destroyed by fire.

How many times have Kentucky been in the ncaa tournament?

Not so many that is has learned it shouldn't cheat.

How many times has Justin Bieber been to Kentucky?

He beentheir 3 time

How many times has Kentucky been under investigation for NCAA Infractions?


Name a player who has played in all English derbys?

Pizza Joe

Which player has scored in the manchesterand merseyside and Scottish derbys?

Andrei Kanchelskis

Who has played in Manchester mersey tyneside and old firm derbys?

Craig bellamy

How many volcanoes are in Kentucky?

There are no volcanoes in Kentucky.

How many time has Kentucky appeared in the NCAA tournament?

Kentucky has appeared in the NCAA Tournament 50 times and has been to the NCAA Final Four 13 times.

How many University of Kentucky players have made it to the NBA?

As of the end of the 2009/10 NBA Season, there have been 67 University of Kentucky graduates to have played in the NBA.

How many electors does Kentucky have?

Kentucky has 8 electors.