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There have been 52 Hawkeye's drafted by NBA teams. Here is the list below with the number in the round they were drafted, (in 1982 and after the number is their TOTAL draft position regardless of round)name, school, team that drafted them, year, and round they went in. Obviously there are players that were drafted that may have never played in the NBA and there are players that were not drafted that have played like Dean Oliver more recently. So hopefully this is better than nothing to help answer your question.

Dick Ives Iowa Pittsburgh Ironmen/1947 Herb Wilkinson Iowa St. Louis Bombers/1947 Murray Wier Iowa Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons/1948 Frank Clasbeek Iowa Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons/1951/6th Chuck Darling Iowa Rochester Royals (Kings)/1952/1st Bob Clifton Iowa Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons/1952 Bill Logan Iowa Boston Celtics/1956/5th Carl Cain Iowa Rochester Royals (Kings)/1956 3. Dave Gunther Iowa Philadelphia Warriors/1959/8th 5. Americas JohnLewis Iowa St. Louis Hawks/1960/10th 1. Don Nelson Iowa Chicago Zephyrs (Wizards)/1962/3rd 5. George Peeples Iowa Baltimore Bullets (Wizards)/1966/4th 1. Chris Pervall Iowa Baltimore Bullets (Wizards)/1966/17th 4. Gary Jones Iowa Los Angeles Lakers/1967/13th 13.Sam Williams Iowa Milwaukee Bucks/1968/3rd 3. Ben McGilmer Iowa Seattle Supersonics/1969/6th 7. John Johnson Iowa Cleveland Cavaliers/1970/1st 9. Glen Vidnovic Iowa Cleveland Cavaliers/1970/4th 7. Chad Calabria Iowa Phoenix Suns/1970/12th 10. Ben McGilmer Iowa Baltimore Bullets (Wizards)/1970/12th 6. Fred Brown Iowa Seattle SuperSonics/1971/1st 12. Kevin Kunnert Iowa Chicago Bulls/1973/1st 5. Rick Williams Iowa Boston Celtics/1973/14th 5. Tom Oconnor Iowa Cleveland Cavaliers/1973/19th 4. Scott Thompson Iowa Detroit Pistons/1976/4th 8. Dan Frost Iowa Milwaukee Bucks/1976/4th 14. Bruce King Iowa Detroit Pistons/1977/4th 2. Vince Brookins Iowa Detroit Pistons/1981/6th 6. Steve Krafscisin Iowa Atlanta Hawks/1981/6th 22. Steve Waite Iowa Boston Celtics/1981/6th 10. Ronnie Lester Iowa Portland Trail Blazers/1980/1st 96. Ken Arnold Iowa Dallas Mavericks/1982/5th 137. Kevin Boyle Iowa Philadelphia 76ers/1982/6th 54. Bobby Hansen Iowa Utah Jazz/1983/3rd 166. Mark Gannon Iowa San Diego (Clippers)/1983/8th 139. Steve Carfino Iowa Boston Celtics/1984/6th 33. Greg Stokes Iowa Philadelphia 76ers/1985/2nd 57. Michael Payne Iowa Houston Rockets/1985/3rd 112. Andre Banks Iowa Houston Rockets/1986/5th 45. Brad Lohaus Iowa Boston Celtics/1987/2nd 63. Kevin Gamble Iowa Portland Trail Blazers/1987/3rd 111. Gerry Wright Iowa Detroit Pistons/1987/5th 42. Jeff Moe Iowa Utah Jazz/1988/2nd 18. B.J. Armstrong Iowa Chicago Bulls/1989/1st 23. Roy Marble Iowa Atlanta Hawks/1989/1st 39. Ed Horton Iowa Washington Wizards/1989/2nd 28. Les Jepsen Iowa Golden State Warriors/1990/2nd 19. Acie Earl Iowa Boston Celtics/1993/1st 39. Russ Millard Iowa Phoenix Suns/1996/2nd 21. Ricky Davis Iowa Charlotte Hornets/1998/1st 55. Ryan Bowen Iowa Denver Nuggets/1998/2nd 46. J.R. Koch Iowa New York Knicks/1999/2nd

Undrafted Reggie Evans started his first game as a rookie for the Supersonics and is currently still a starter.

I have replaced the erroneous listing of Art Beatty (who actually played for American U) in the 1968 draft with the correct listing of Sam Williams. The error apparently was caused from picking up an erroneous listing from another site. I have alerted that site & assume they will be making the correction shortly.

You are missing the name Matt Bullard a 1990 Iowa grad who played in the NBA for several years

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Q: How many Iowa Hawkeyes have become NBA players?
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