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Q: How many Indian player are playing in world khabbdi league?
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Who is first Indian player to play English Premier League?

There is no Indian footballer who has played in the English premier league

How do you increase player ratings in fifa08?

by playing the league and wining all the matches of the league.

Does player do get some money for playing champion league final?


Who is the oldest player in the premier league still playing in the premier league today?

Dean Windas

When a major league player gets sent to minors does he still get his major league pay?

name one player not playing in the minors but still getting major league pay

What is the average salary for a player playing in the british basketball league?


What is the salary of Indian football player?

Nothing much in compar3d to the Europen footballers.

What is a league in starcraft?

In Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty a league is a classification, or distinction system, of different playing abilities of players.Leagues of Starcraft II:BronzeSilverGoldPlatinumDiamondMastersGrandmastersEach player is placed within a league after playing his/her placement matches. A player can advance or fall within a lower league depending on game performance.

Who is the oldest outfield player currently playing in the Premier League?

Ryan Giggs.

Who is the best hockey player of India?

Sundiata Weaver playing in the University of Ottawa Elite Intramural League. In 12 games this year with the white team he has 0 goals and 2 assists. Pure Indian dominance.

Who is the only player currently playing in the Premier League to have won the world cup?


Who is the only player still playing who has scored in the premier and in the new Barclay's league?

ryan giggs