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Seven players from USC have won the Heisman Trophy: 1) 1965 - Mike Garrett, RB

2) 1968 - O.J. Simpson, RB

3) 1979 - Charles White, RB

4) 1981 - Marcus Allen, RB

5) 2002 - Carson Palmer, QB

6) 2004 - Matt Leinart, QB

7) 2005 - Reggie Bush, RB

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The University of Southern California has produced seven Heisman Trophy winners:

  • 1965 -- Mike Garrett, running back
  • 1968 -- O.J. Simpson, running back
  • 1979 -- Charles White, running back
  • 1981 -- Marcus Allen, running back
  • 2002 -- Carson Palmer, quarterback
  • 2004 -- Matt Leinart, quarterback
  • 2005 -- Reggie Bush, running back*

* Bush's status during the 2005 season was invalidated by the NCAA, who found that he had received benefits in violation of rules. USC returned its replica of Bush's Heisman, and then Bush himself relinquished the award. The Heisman Trophy Trust has declared the 2005 award vacated with no winner.

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there are 8 heisman winners from the sec

Danny wuerfuel, Steve spurrier, and Tim Tebow (Florida)

herschel walker, and frank sinkwich (Georgia)

john david crow (LSU)

pat Sullivan (Auburn)

mark ingram (Alabama)

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Through the 2009 season, 1. That was HB Billy Cannon in 1959.

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Q: How many Heisman Trophy winners are there from USC?
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What are the universities that have had 7 Heisman Trophy winners?

Notre Dame, Ohio State, and USC each have 7Heisman Trophy Winners

Who won the 2004 Heisman Trophy?

In 2004, the Heisman Trophy went to Matt Leinert of USC.

Which college had the most Heisman Trophy winners in the 20th century?

Tied USC and OSU with 6 it used to just be usc with 7 but reggie bush gave his back

Who won the Heisman Trophy in 1992?

Gino Torretta, quarterback for the Miami Hurricanes, won the 1992 Heisman Trophy.

Who was the runnner-up for the 2002 Heisman Trophy?

Quarterback Brad Banks of Iowa finished second in the 2002 Heisman Trophy balloting to Carson Palmer of USC.

Who won the Heisman Trophy in 1965?

Mike Garrett, USC running back.

What colleges have made 7 Heisman Trophy winners?

Ohio, Notre Dame and USC won 7. However, because of controversy surrounding Reggie Bush, the 2005 winner from USC, he forfeited the award and it was left vacant, so USC now only have 6.

What is the only high school in the US that has produced two Heisman Trophy winners?

Fork Union Military Academy Vinny and Eddie

Who was OJ Simpson playing for when he won the Heisman Trophy?

OJ Simpson was playing for USC (University of Southern California) when he won the Heisman.

Have two or more Heisman Trophy winners returned to compete again in College Football at the same time?

Yes, Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford both competed in the 2009 college football season as former Heisman trophy winners.There have never before been two Heisman trophy winners play in the regular season, but it has happened several times in Bowl Games (Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush both won Heismans and played together in their final bowl game for USC).

Who came in 2nd for the Heisman Trophy in 1965?

Tulsa wide receiver Howard Twilley finished second to USC running back Mike Garrett in the 1965 Heisman Trophy voting.

Who was the 2nd African American to win the Heisman Trophy?

RB Mike Garrett of USC in 1965.