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6 John Gruden, Bill Callahan, Norv Turner, Art Shell, Lane Kiffin, Tom Cable. It's embarassing

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Q: How many Head Coaches have the raiders had the last 10 years?
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Chargers vs raiders last 5 years?

The Chargers have won ten straight games against the Raiders over the last five years.

What sports teams have only had two coaches in the last 35 years?

Penn State football has had only two coaches in the past 55 years. Rip Engle from 1950 thru 1965 and Joe Paterno from 1966 on.Florida State football has had two coaches in the last 35 years exactly: Bobby Bowden and Jimbo Fisher.

Who are all the fired famous football coaches in last 20 years?

Tyrone Willingham

Top 5 winningest college football coaches last 5 years?


Who lost the most games in last 10 years in NFL?

Oakland raiders

Oakland Raiders win loss record last ten years?

69-158 .436

How many NE Cornhuskers played for the Oakland Raiders?

There has been at least 23 in the last 18 years

Who are the last five coaches of the Boston bruins?

The Bruins' last five head coaches, in reverse order, are Claude Julien (2007-current), Dave Lewis (2006-2007), Mike Sullivan, (2003-2006), Mike O'Connell (2003) and Robbie Ftorek (2001-2003).

Which player wore 22 for the Oakland Raiders?

Last I remember, Harvey Williams wore 22 for a few years.

When was the last time the Oakland Raiders beat the San Diego Chargers?

when was last time oakland raiders beat chargers in oakland

When was the last time the raiders beat the 49ers I Pre seasons?

When was the last time the raiders beat the 49ers in Pre season game

When was the last time the raiders beat the 49ers in the preseason?

I know Niners have won last 5 for sure...Raiders suck donkey!