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According to Wikipedia (refer to the link, below), Steffi Graf won twenty-two Grand Slam championships during her professional career.

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Q: How many Grand Slam championships did tennis player Steffi Graf win?
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What German born female tennis player won 22 titles?

German female tennis player Steffi Graf has 22 Grand Slam titles in her name.

Tennis player to have won each of the four grand slam events at least four times?

Steffi Graf

Which person has the most world championships of any sports?

I think steffi graff (girl) has the most tennis championships she also won and olympic medal the same year she got a grand slam. she has 22 titles. by jerry.

Who won the most Grand slam titles in the history of tennis Martina Navratilova Steffi Graf or Margaret court?

steffi graf

Who has won 4 grand slam tennis titles 4 times?

steffi graf

Who are some famous women with the first name Virginia?

Virginia Wade was a famous tennis player. She won three Grand Slam singles championships and four Grand Slam doubles championships.

What is the oldest grand slam in tennis?

Wimbledon Championships Since 1877

What are the four tennis grand slam championships?

In tennis, the four grand slams are the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open.

How many Grand Slam titles had tennis star Steffi Graf won before the 1996 Wimbledon tournament?


Who was the last to win the grand slam?

Ireland ( 2008 / 2009) Six nations Tennis: The last to win the singles Grand Slam was Steffi Graf - during the 1980's

Who is the best female tennis player on current WTA tour?

Serena Williams is ranked number one, and is the player to have won the most grand slams on the WTA tour at the moment. So, in my opinion, she is the best. But, Steffi Graf (a retired player) has won many more grand slams than Serena.

Who was the first black tennis player to win a tennis Grand Slam event?

Althea Gibson was the first black tennis player to win a Grand Slam title (1956). Arthur Ashe was the first MALE black tennis player to win a Grand Slam title (1968).

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