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Q: How many Grand Finals have Collingwood won?
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Has Collingwood won a grand final?

Yes. Collingwood has won 15 Grand Finals altogether - only Essendon and Carlton have won more, in fact. By the commencement of 2011, Collingwood had won the previous year's grand final play-off - in 2010 - marking their 15th such win.

How many carlton verses collingwood grand finals have carlton won?

The answer is 5. (1915, 1938, 1970, 1979, 1981.)

Who are Top 5 teams who have won the most grand finals in AFL?

Essendon, Carlton, Collingwood, Melbourne, ??

Who won the finals this year 2010?


Which four clubs have won the most AFL grand finals?

As of the year 2010, Essendon and Carlton have each won 16 Premierships. Collingwood has won 15 grand finals, and Melbourne, I believe, might be 4th with 13 Grand Final victories.

How many Aussie rules grand finals have been draws?

There's been 3 draws: Essendon Vs Melbourne (Melbourne won rematch) Collingwood VS North Melbourne (North Melbourne won rematch) Collingwood VS Saint Kilda (Collingwood won rematch)

How many games has Collingwood won from 2000 - 2011?

163 (including 13 finals)

Who has won the most finals in the afl?

Collingwood Football Club

How many AFL Grand finals have the North Melbourne Kangaroos won?

The Kangaroos of North Melbourne have appeared in 9 Grand Finals. The 'Roos have won 4 of them - 1975, 1977 (Replay - after draw with Collingwood in the first grand Final attempt), 1996 and 1999. Use the link below to see a tally of Premierships.

How many games in the season did collingwood win in 1929?

Collingwood won 18 of 18 home and away games in 1929. Collingwood won one final - the grand final.

Who won the most grand finals in the 1920's?

The famed, Collingwood! It won 4 Premierships in a row right at the end of the decade - a feat which has never been equalled.

Who has won most consecutive grand finals?

Collingwood, during the late 1920's, won 4 in a row. Melbourne came very close to beating that record during the late 1950's. Who thwarted their dream?? Collingwood!

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