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Q: How many Germans have played for West Ham?
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How do you say he played for west ham in french?

Il a joué pour West Ham.

Did Ronaldo ever play for West Ham?

No, neither Ronaldo has ever played for West Ham United.

Who played for West Ham in 1966?

Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, Martin Peters were just a few players who played for West Ham in 1966.

Who is west ham united record goalscorer?

Vic Watson with 326 goals .. he played with west ham from 1920-1935

Who has played for West Ham and Manchester United?

The following players have played for both Manchester United and West Ham ;Carlos TevezRio FerdinandMichael CarrickPaul InceJonathan Spector

When was the last time West Ham played Bournemouth in the league?

West Ham last played Bournemouth on Wednesday 11th April, 1990. The match took place in the Old Division 2. The match ended West Ham 4 - 1 Bournemouth.

Croatian players who have played for west ham fc?


Who played 2006 fa cup final?

Liverpool and West Ham

Who played for Derby Newcastle and west ham?

Paul kitson innit?

Who has played for man you and west ham?

It could be Rio Ferdinand and Paul Ince.

Who has played in Spain and West Ham?

West Ham United have fielded two Spanish-born footballers; Diego Tristán (2008/09) and Kepa Blanco (2006/07).

How many rooms are there in the West Ham hotel?

The West Ham United Hotel, set within the grounds of Upton Park, has 58 rooms.