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15 Frenchmen have played for Real Madrid:

Parages (1902-1909)

One of the first players and founders of the club, Parages was president of Real Madrid on two occasions.

Faurie (1903-1909)

His name is a golden piece of club history as one of the players to win the club's first official title on 18 April 1903.

Rene Petit (1914-1917)

Won the 1917 Spanish Cup with Real Madrid. His football caused such a stir that he was nicknamed the "Ball Magician." He was so talented that he could play as a forward, midfielder or defender.

Juan Petit (1914-1917)

Born in Spain but a French national. Brother of Rene, he was forced to retire after being wounded in the World War I.

Hon (1950-1953)

Rough and expedient, he joined Real Madrid from Central Stade Français. Hon played 43 League matches and six Cup matches.

Luciano (1950-1952)

Joined Real Madrid with Hon. Born in Nice, he was a midfielder who never managed to leave a mark.

Raymond Kopa (1956-1959)

Ballon d'Or winner. Played in the first European Cup final against Stade Reims. Scored 30 goals alongside Alfredo di Stefano.

Muller (1962-1965)

Technical midfielder who later played for Barcelona. Also arrived from Stade Reims.

Karembeu (1997-2000)

Won the Seventh European Cup with Real Madrid. His performances against Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund were key.

Anelka (1999-2000)

Fast, talented forward. Was the cub's most expensive signing at the time and helped guide Real Madrid to its Eighth European Cup. Currently plays for Chelsea.

Makelele (2000-2003)

A midfield mastermind. Revered throughout the football world, he was the best predecessor for Lassana Diarra. He recently returned to France to play for PSG.

Zidane (2001-2006)

The best footballer of all time according to many. One of the five best players ever. His pricetag broke all records at the time. He retired in 2006 after the World Cup in Germany.

Faubert (2009)

The French winger arrived at Real Madrid on loan, but he did very little on the team due to the great competition on the squad.

Lassana Diarra (2008 - present)

Karim Benzema (2009 - present)

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There are two players from Portugal in the Real Madrid first team Christiano Ronalda Pepe.

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Q: How many French players play for Arsenal?
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