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3 FSU players were selected in the 2010 Draft.

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Q: How many Florida State players were drafted in the 2010 NFL Draft?
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Most players from one school in a single year NFL draft?

Since 1994 when the 7 round draft was adopted. Ohio State had 14 players drafted (2004) Miami (2001) and USC (2006,2009) had 11 players drafted. Colorado (1994), Washington (1997), Penn State (1995) and Florida State (1995) had 10 players drafted. Source : University of Colorado Information Guide.

What state has the most college football players drafted into the nfl?


What Florida State Seminole was drafted 11th by the Eagles in 1998 NFL draft?

William (Tra) Thomas

How many Ohio state players were drafted in the 2010 NFL draft?

there was only two players drafted from Ohio state in the 2010 nfl draft they were thaddeus Gibson DE round 4 pick 116 Autin Spitler LB round 7 pick 252

What is the most common college attended by players in the NFL?

as of the 2007 draft the schools with the most players DRAFTED is 1-Notre Dame 2-Southern Cal 3-Ohio State

How many Ohio state football players have been drafted in the first round of the nfl draft?

Seventy. This is the second most, USC with the most with seventy two.

What college has the longest streak of players drafted in the NFL draft?

florida state is not even close to the right answer. Their last undrafted year was 1983. The longest streak I could find at is USC. They've had someone drafted every year since 1947. Second place was Notre Dame, since 1956.

Who is the Most recent kicker to get drafted in first round?

Prior to the 2010 NFL Draft, that was Sebastian Janikowski from Florida State selected by the Oakland Raiders (17th overall selection) in the 2000 NFL Draft.

What pick was vince carter in the draft?

Vince Carter was drafted with the fifth pick in the NBA draft. He was originally drafted by the Golden State Warriors and immediately traded to the Toronto Raptors.

How many fsu players are currently in the nfl?

There are 51 players that are currently in the NFL that graduated from Florida State University. Their quarterback James Winston is likely to go high in the 2015 draft.

Which schools after USC had the most drafted in 2009 NFL draft?

THE Ohio State THE Ohio State THE Ohio State

Who were the Pittsburgh Steelers 1991 draft picks?

The following players were drafted by the Steelers in the 1991 NFL draft: Huey Richardson - Florida Jeff Graham - Ohio State Ernie Mills - Florida Sammy Walker - Texas Tech Adrian Cooper - Oklahoma Leroy Thompson - Penn State Andre Jones - Notre Dame Dean Dingman - Michigan Bruce McGonnigal - Virginia Ariel Solomon - Colorado Efrum Thomas - Alabama Jeff Brady - Kentucky

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