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Chelsea have won the FA Cup 4 times.

Chelsea's fa cup final appearances:

1915 - Sheffield United 3-0 Chelsea

1967 - Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Chelsea

1970 - Chelsea 2-1 Leeds United (Final replay)

1994 - Manchester United 4-0 Chelsea

1997 - Chelsea 2-0 Middlesbrough

2000 - Chelsea 1-0 Aston Villa

2002 - Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

2007 - Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United

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Q: How many FA cups do Chelsea have now?
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Who has won the most fa cup medals with the same club?

Chelsea won the most fa cups

How many cups has Chelsea won in the FA CUP?

Chelsea F.C. have won the FA Cup 6 times in the seasons; 1969-70, 1996-97, 1999-00, 2006-2007, 2008-2009, 2009-2010.

How many times have Chelsea fc have won fa cup?

Chelsea has won FA Cup 4 times

Who won the FA Cup most times Chelsea or man utd?

Man Utd with 11 wins. Man Utd holds the record for the most FA Cups, 11 cups.

Who has more trophies Liverpool fc or Chelsea fc?

Liverpool are the most successful English football club and have comfortably won more honours than Chelsea. Liverpool Honours. 18 Division One wins (now called the Premier League) 15 Charity shields 7 FA cups 7 League cups 5 European cups (now called Champions League) 4 Division Two wins (now called the Championship) 3 UEFA cups 3 Super cups Chelsea Honours. 3 Division One / Premier League wins 2 Division Two wins 4 FA cups 4 League cups 3 Charity Shields 2 Full Members cups 2 UEFA cups 1 Super cupLET'S GO L'POOL! beat Chelsea at the bridge PLEASE

What has Frank Lampard won at Chelsea?

3 premier leagues 3 Fa cups 2 league cups 2 community sheilds

How many titles have Chelsea won?

they have won 9 cups (2 league cups) (4 Barclay's premier league cups) (2 uefa cups) (1 fa cup Thanks be to God. Eric Oppong Bibiani (Ghana)

How many times did Chelsea win the fa cup?


How many times Chelsea wins the fa cup?


How many FA cups has Manchester united won?

Manchester United have won 11 FA cups in total.

How many FA Cups do Liverpool have?


How many fa cups does Liverpool have?


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