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Q: How many European order of merit titles has colin montgomery won?
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Who won the order of merit?

2007- Justin Rose won the European Tour Order of Merit.

Who won the 2007 European Tour Order of Merit?

Justin Rose won the 2007 Order of merit.

Who won the European Order of Merit Golf 2008?

Robert Karlsson has become the first ever Swede to win the European Order of Merit golf title in 2008.

Who won the European order of merit golf 2006?

Padraig Harrington

Who won European golf order of merit 2007?

Justin Rose.

Who is the youngest winner of European golf order of merit?

Ronan Raffery

How did colin montgomerie qualify for the 2009 open golf?

I couldn't believe it either. It was down to his finish in the Order of Merit 2008.

What is the order of merit in golf?

The Order of Merit is the European Tour equivilent of the PGA Tour money list. The European Tour players have their winnings from European Tour sanctioned events, including the majors, compiled over the course of the season and whoever has won the most Euros at the end of the year wins the Order of Merit.

In Order of Merit what is the points system like?

On the European tour, it simply works by how much money has been earned during the season. It is calculated in Euros and whoever has the most Euros at the end of the season is the winner of the Order of Merit.

What does scientific merit mean?

scientific merit

When was Order of Merit created?

Order of Merit happened in 1902.

How different iits make merit list?

They all have the same merit list. There is no different Merit List.