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Q: How many English players played for Liverpool fc in the 1986 fa cup Final?
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What football team played agenst Liverpool in the champion league final?

ac milan played Liverpool in champion league final.

Which English premier league players have played in the world cup final?

paul gascoigne, cantona and a view other players

Name 6 players Who have played in a Manchester derby a Liverpool derby and champions league final?

man u- Ronald Rooney r.giggs s.van Der Saar b.bervartov s.schols Liverpool- nino Torres bashuan. shwanstiger o.rivery

Who played 2006 fa cup final?

Liverpool and West Ham

Who have Cardiff played at the new wembly?

Liverpool recently in league cup final

Can you name 20 Players that have played for England and also played in a Champions league Final?

I'll work my way backwards... Most recent first: 1. Frank Lampard (Chelsea - 2008) 2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Man Utd - 2008) 3. Dirk Kuyt (Liverpool - 2007) 4. Sol Campbell (Arsenal - 2006) 5. Xabi Alonso (Liverpool - 2005) 6. Vladimir Smicer (Liverpool - 2005) 7. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool - 2005) 8. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Man Utd - 1999) 9. Teddy Sheringham (Man Utd - 1999) They are the players who have scored in the UEFA Champions League era, for English clubs, in the Final. The UEFA Champions League was founded in 1992 (I think), but before that, the last player to score for an English club, in a European Cup final was: 10. Phil Neal (Liverpool - 1984) I hope that was what you meant, thanks.

Who are the players who have played for either Celtic or rangers and played in a world cup final?


Which players have played in world cup final and premier league?

Thierry Henry.

Name 10 players you have played in the a world cup final and have also played in the premiership but not for man u Chelsea arsenal or Liverpool?

Jurgen Klinsmann Roque Junior Stephane Guivarc'h Christophe Dugarry Marco Materazzi Juninho Christian Karembeu Branco Nicola Berti Dino Baggio

Who did Liverpool face in final this year?

Liverpool faced Cardiff City in the Carling Cup final and won in penalties 5-4.

Where were the 1989 FA cup semi finals played at?

The Semi Final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest was abandoned due to the Hillsborough Disaster. So therefore it was played at Old Trafford and Liverpool won 3-1. The other Semi Final was between Everton and Norwich City and Everton won 1-0.

Was Liverpool's European ban ended early?

after the final UEFA banned English clubs from Europe for an indefinite period, with a proviso added that Liverpool would serve a further three year ban after the ban on other English clubs had been lifted. Liverpool returned to European competition in 1991 competing in the 1991-92 UEFA Cup, a year after other English clubs had been accepted back.