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By my count there are 8 cities that hold genuine English derbies.

As one of these cities include London I'm not going to guess how many of these can be considered "genuine derbies" (For example Spurs Vs Arsenal is often refered to as the "North London Derby" but what about Spurs Vs West Ham? or AFC Wimbledon? or Millwall? or Chelsea?)

I'm also not going to include cities with non-league teams so Cambridge City Vs Cambridge United (both non league) and Bradford Vs Bradford Park Avenue (Leauge Team and non Leauge Team) will not be included.

The 8 Englsh cities with genuine league derbies are:

London (take your pick from however many teams)

Liverpool (Everton and Liverpool)

Manchester (Manchester City, Manchester United. Greater Manchester Teams such as Bury, Oldham etc can be debated.

Bristol (Bristol City and Bristol Rovers)

Birmingham (Aston Villa and Birmingham City)

Stoke (Stoke City, Port Vale)

Nottingham (Nottingham Forest, Notts County)

Sheffield (Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday)

If I've missed anything out please contribute.

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Q: How many English league teams play genuine derbies?
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