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Q: How many English clubs has Tevez played for?
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How many English clubs have played in the champions league?


How many goals did Carlos Tevez score in the English Premier League 2008?

Not enough carlos you loser

How many clubs has thiery Henry played for?

Henry played for these main clubs Monaco, Juventus, arsenal and barcelona.

How many clubs has Balotelli played for?


How many English clubs have been European champs?


How many clubs play in the English Premier League?


How many clubs is allowed to be played in a players bag?

You are allowed 14 clubs according to the USGA

How many clubs has Marcus bent played for?


How many clubs has Clarence seedorf played for?

Clarence Seedorf played for these clubs, Ajax, Inter Milan , Real Madrid, A.C. Milan.

Are there any English speaking gymnastic clubs in the area?

yes their are many

How many clubs did Samuel E'to play with?

He has played for three clubs, mainly Barcelona, InterMilan and Molrocca.

How many goals did Carlos tevez score in 2009-2010?

Carlos Tevez scored 27 goals in the 2009-2010 season.