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51 England caps.

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Q: How many England caps does John Terry have?
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How many international caps has john terry won?


Football how many international caps has john terry won?


How many caps for England has steven Gerrard had?

72 senior England caps.

How many children does John terry have?

John Terry has 2 children.

How many chilldren does John Terry have?

John Terry currently has 2 children, Twins, Boy called Georgie John Terry & Girl Called Summer Rose Terry

How many caps has Emile Heskey received?

57 England caps to date, which is exactly 57 too many

How many England caps has Man U had?

Man utd have the most ever England caps with 127 players, of which 88 in the modern game

How many caps does steven Gerrard have for England?

72 senior England cap.

How many caps has David Beckham won for England?

David Beckham has over 107 caps.

How many caps did Tony Jordan get for England?


How many caps has David Beckham had for England?


How many caps does Jonny Wilkinson have for England?


How many caps does Frank Lampard have for england?

16 caps when he was on the U-21 team 93 caps 21-present

How many times has Wayne Rooney played for England?

He's had 68 caps for England.

How many full England caps did Steve Bruce win?

No Steve Bruce even as he played for Manchester United , never played for England, so no caps for him.

How many England caps has Ashley cole got?


How many England caps has Joe hart got?


How many caps does backham have for engalnd?

David Beckham hasaa atotal 109 caps for England he has over taken sir Bobby Moores 106 caps.

Steven Gerrard how many games played for England?

84 caps

How many caps has steven gerrard got for england?

100 capd

How many caps did Matt dawson win for England?

9 times

John terry how many players wives has he had?

At present only Wayne Bridges previous wife is know to have been in a relationship with John Terry

How many world cups has john terry stared in?

So far, only one, in 2006. He is expected to be included in the England squad for World Cup 2010.

How many caps has Alan Shearer for England soccer?

Shearer scored 30 goals in 63 games for England

How many trophies has john terry won?