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34 BOWL GAMES......DEC 20, 2008-JAN 8, 2009

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Q: How many Div 1A bowl games are there?
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How many college teams in division 1a in college football?

What was once called NCAA Div. I-A is now called Div. I-FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision). I counted 120 schools on the website. ----------

How many years has Middle Tennessee State University been in Division 1A?

The Blue Raiders moved up to Div. 1A in 1999.

How many records did randy moss set?

Records Randy Moss has set:College RecordsMost games with a TD reception in a season: 12 (Div 1A) (record later tied by Larry Fitzgerald)Most games with a touchdown reception in a season: 11 (Div 1A)Most consecutive games with a touchdown reception in a season: 11 (Div 1A)Most receiving yards gained by a freshman in a season: 1073 yards (Div 1A)Most touchdown receptions caught by a freshman in a season: 19 td's (NCAA Record, Including Division I)Most touchdown receptions in a single playoff game: 4 td's vs. Montana, 12/21/96 (Div 1A)Most yards receiving in a single playoff game: 288 receiving yards vs. Delaware, 11/30/96 (Div 1A)Most touchdown receptions in a playoff tournament: 9 in 4 games (Div 1A)Most yards receiving in a playoff tournament: 636 yards in 4 games (Div 1A)NFL Records:Most touchdown receptions in a season: 23 td'sMost touchdown receptions by a rookie: 17 td'sMost seasons with 17 or more touchdown receptions: 3 seasonsMost seasons with 16 or more touchdown receptions: 3 seasonsMost games in a season with at least 2 touchdown receptions: 8 gamesMost yards receiving in a Pro Bowl game: 212 yardsMost touchdowns scored in first 10 games with a new team: 16 td'sMost 1200+ yard receiving seasons to start a career: 6 seasonsHighest average receiving TDs per season: 12.3 per year

How many teams are in Div 1 football?

For the 2007 season, there were 119 1A teams and 111 1AA teams.

Average weight of Div 1A offensive college football lineman?


Which 10 division 1A college football teams have won the most bowl games?

I am not interested in which teams have won the most bowl games, what I want to know are the top 10 colleges that have ATTENDED bowl games.

How many ncaa national football championships has university of Oregon won?

None. The NCAA does not crown a champion in div 1a (FBS).

What is the history of UM football vs UF football?

Michigan won their only div.1a major college meeting at the Outback Bowl on 1-1-03 by a score of 38 to 30.

How many NCAA Div 1a College football coaches have won more than 1 national championship?

2 nick and urban

Top ten NCAA Division 1A team has the most bowl wins in college football?

Alabama they have played in 52 bowl games and won 29!

What college football team scored the most points in a single season in div 1A?

Oklahoma in 2008.

What NCAA Division 1A football team has been to the most bowl games?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, as of the 2007 season Alabama has played in the most bowl games with 54. Their record is 30-21-3.

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