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The Dallas Cowboys and the Star on their helmets are recognized around the world, so the number would be hugh. But to my knowledge there is no way to find that one out, sorry.

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โˆ™ 2010-08-10 16:34:49
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Q: How many Dallas Cowboys fans are there?
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NFL team with the most fans?

The Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys.

What do the Dallas Cowboys make for fans?

They just say they have fans-GiantsGirl2009

Who has the most fans cowboys or raiders?

Dallas Cowboys has 1 steelrs and eagles have more

Where can fans fine replica Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl championship rings at?

Where can you get a Dallas cowboys Super Bowl ring replica

How does Dallas celebrate Thanksgiving?

Dallas, at least pro football fans and the Dallas Cowboys, celebrate Thanksgiving with football. The Cowboys host a home game every Thanksgiving. And those who are not Dallas Cowboys fans, if there are any in Dallas, celebrate Thanksgiving the same as the rest of the country, by getting together with family for a big turkey dinner.

What American football team has the most fans worldwide?

Dallas Cowboys

What stadium holds the most fans?

Dallas Cowboys stadium. It holds over 80,000 sitting fans

What is total of the Dallas Cowboys fans?

There's no way to gauge the team's fandom, but the Cowboys are the NFL's most popular club.

How many employees do the Dallas Cowboys have?

how many employees in cowboys stadium

How many shares does Jerry Jones have in The Dallas Cowboys?

He owns the whole Franchise of the Dallas Cowboys.

How many people are cowboys fans?

nobody the cowboys suck

Who is the prettiest Dallas Cowboys cheerleader?

That is a very subjective question. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The Dallas Cowboys organization always tries to select a squad of Cheerleaders who appeal to all fans.

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