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Currently 19 people are in the Hall of Fame with Cleveland Browns ties 18 players and 1 head coach.

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Q: How many Cleveland Browns players are in the football Hall of Fame?
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How many Cleveland Browns are in the Professional Football Hall of Fame?


Who wore 32 in football?

One of the most notalble football players who wore the number 32 was hall of fame Cleveland Browns fullback Jim Brown

Are there any players in both football hall of fame and tennis hall of fame?


Who eas the first Cleveland Browns player to be inducted into hall of fame?

otto Graham

What state is clevland in?

Cleveland is in is also in N.E ohio where the cleveland indians and cleveland browns are located also the rock and roll hall of fame

Where do both college and professional football players honor their greatest players?

hall of fame

Which state is home to both rock 'n' roll hall of fame and the football hall of fame?

The football hall of fame is in Canton, Ohio, the rock and roll hall of fame is in Cleveland, Ohio

What are facts behind Jim Brown wearing both numbers 32 and 44 while playing football at Syracuse University where he was credited with wearing only number 44?

*According to his entry in the College Football Hall of Fame, Brown wore #44 at Syracuse University. *According to the NFL Hall of Fame, he wore #32 while with The Cleveland Browns. *Perhaps some sites show him in both jerseys. *Trivial note: The Cleveland Browns are the only NFL team with NO LOGO on their helmets. See the Related Link for "College Football Hall of Fame" to the bottom for the answer.

How many former Ohio State players are in the NFL hall of fame?

Which team? Cleveland Browns or the Cincinnati Bengals? if you add both of them up, I'm positive there is 2 people in Ohio State.

Who is the most well known football player?

Depending on the time frame and era so many players could fill this bill. The first name that comes to mind is Jim Brown, the hall of fame running back who ran and played out his brilliant short career with the Cleveland Browns.

Who was the first Cleveland Brown inducted into the Hall of fame?

That was QB Otto Graham who played with the Browns from 1946-1955 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1965.

How many university of Miami players are in the pro football hall of fame?


What team has the most pro football Hall of Fame players?

Chicago Bears

Nebraska cornhuskers have how many players in the pro football hall of fame?


Miami Hurricanes have how many players in the pro football hall of fame?


How many players do the Atlanta Falcons have in the pro football hall of fame?


What Famous football players wore the number 76?

Flozell Adams, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys played from 1998-2009 wearing number 76. Lou Groza, a 1974 Pro football hall of fame inductee, also wore the number. He was a member of the Cleveland Browns and has been voted the best athlete to ever wear the number by

What city is the birthplace of American football?

I am fairly certain that the origin of American football can be traced back to none other than Canton, Ohio; home of the Professional Football Hall of Fame. Ohio is known for historically great football, Canton-Mckinley, Ohio State, and The Cleveland Browns to name a few.

How many players have been inducted into the Football Hall of Fame?

280 individuals have been inducted into the Football Hall of Fame since 2013. This includes not just players but also coaches, owners, and league officials as well.

How many total players and coaches does Alabama have in the College Football Hall Of Fame?


What college has most NFL hall of fame?

Through the 2008 season, according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame website, USC has 11 former players and Notre Dame has 10 former players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Click on the 'Pro Football Hall of Fame' link below to go to their site and see the Hall of Famers listed by college.

Why is Jim Brown such a famous person?

Jim Brown is famous for being a professional football player in the NFL. He played for the Cleveland Browns team. He also set many records and was inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He later appeared in a few films as well.

Is there a football hall of fame?

There is a Pro Football Hall of Fame located in Canton, Ohio and a College Football Hall of Fame located in South Bend, Indiana. There is also an American Football League Hall of Fame, recognizing the players that played in the American Football League before the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, located in Amherst, New York.

What college has produced the most hall of fame football players?

There are various career milestones that every football player wishes to reach including college and moving into the pros. The college that has produced the most NFL Hall of Fame players is USC.

How long does it take to drive to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio to the Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio or vice versa?

about an hour