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The only Canadians that play for the Toronto Blue Jays as of September 2012 are:

45 Relief Pitcher Shawn Hill

13 Catcher Brett Lawrie

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Rob Ducey, Matt Stairs, Paul Spoljaric, Scott Richmond, Rob Butler

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The final roster contains around 20-25 players.

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yes Scott Richmond is from Vancouver BC

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Q: How many Canadians play on Vancouver Canucks?
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How many canadians play on the Vancouver Canucks team?

14 players

What position does Kevin Bieksa play?

Kevin Bieksa plays for the Vancouver Canucks.

What NHL team does Jacob Markstrom play for?

Jacob Markstrom is number 35 on the Vancouver Canucks.

Did Pat Quinn play for the Vancouver Canucks?

Yes... A defenceman...

What position did Andre Boudrias play for the Vancouver canucks?


Whick place is canucks in nhl?

The Canucks are located in Vancouver Bristish Colombia, they play in the General Motors Place!!!

Who did the Vancouver canucks play in the first round of the 2011 playoffs?

The Canucks defeated the Chicago Blackhawks in 7 games.

How is the tallest player ever to play of the Vancouver Canucks?

Marek Malik

What song is played when the canucks score?

Whenever the Vancouver Canucks score on home ice, "Holiday" by "Green Day" will play.

What team did Roberto Luongo play for before Vancouver Canucks?

The Florida Panthers

What year was General Motors Place built?

It opened in 1995. The Vancouver Canucks play there.

What position does Yann Sauve play?

Yann Sauve plays defense for the Vancouver Canucks.