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Q: How many Canadians are employed by primary industries?
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How many people are employed in the primary sector in Pakistan?

its about 1.5 %

Why have so many industries closed in the Primary sector?

because the primary sector is not working becaused no one works for it

How many Mexicans have jobs in industries?

24% (10.73 million) of Mexican work force was employed in industrial activities during 2007.

Do Canadians fish?

Many Canadians do.

Do Canadians eat fish?

Many Canadians do.

What does Guardian Industries do?

Guardian Industries is a fully primary glass manufacturer with many glass lines and coasters around the world.They supply their coated glass to their network SunGuard Select Fabricators.

How many Canadians won the Victoria cross?

96 Canadians

Mexico's economy is based largely on what?

Mexicans, as most Americans, work on many different fields and industries. Most of the labor force in Mexico is employed in the tertiary or services and commerce sector (58%). This includes banking and finance, major an minor retail, information technologies, tourism and ecotourism as well as many others.For the secondary sector, 24% of the workforce is employed in one of the following industries: construction, food and beverages, aerospace, electronics, tobacco, chemicals, iron and steel, petroleum, biotechnology, mining, shipbuilding, electricity, defense products, textiles, clothing, motor vehicles, computers, consumer durables.Finally, 18% of the employed population works in the primary sector, including farming, fishing and forestry activities.

What are jobs in the Bahamas?

The economy of the Bahamas is largely dependent on tourism. As such, many people on the island nation are employed in the hospitality industries, such as hotels, restaurants, and various tourism activities.

How many Canadians on Chicago hawks?

there are 18 Canadians on there official roster

How many Canadians died in the 2010 Haiti earthquake?

50 canadians

Why do Canadians not like Americans?

Not all Canadians dislike Americans. However, many Canadians get frustrated by the stereotypes that they are put under, and many Canadians are very competitive concerning athletic events like hockey.