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57 BCS bowl wins,32 other bowls win.36 bowl loses

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Q: How many BCS bowl games have the Texas longhorns won?
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How many bowl games have the Texas Longhorns won?

As of the 2007 season, the Longhorns record in bowl games is 23-21-2.

How many bowl games has Texas won in a row?

The Texas Longhorns lost their most recent bowl in 2013 to the Oregon Ducks in the Alamo Bowl. Before that, they were on a six game Bowl winning streak that was capped off in the 2012 Alamo Bowl against Oregon State.

How many times have the Longhorns played in the Rose Bowl?


How many football championships does Texas longhorns have?


How many Texas longhorns are in the NFL?

No good ones. :)

How many former Texas Longhorns are in the NFL?


How many hesiman trophies has Texas longhorns won?


How many people love Texas longhorns?

2 many 2 count

How many BCS bowl games has usc lost?

one - 2005 Rose Bowl vs Texas

How many bowl games has Texas tech red raiders won?


How many bowl appearances does the university of Texas have?

They have been in 46 bowl games. They have a record of 23-21-2.

How many times have the Oregon ducks played the Texas longhorns?

5 with Texas leading the series 4-1.