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Q: How many Asian players played for Manchester United?
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What Asian players have played for man united?

Ji sung park

What Asian players have played for man city?

Sun Jihai

Who was the first Asian soccer player to play for Manchester United?

Park Ji-Sung, of South Korea.

Are there any Asian players in the Premier League?

Yes. There are lots of them. Here are just a few. Shinji Kagawa from Japan for Manchester United. Tadanari Lee and Maya Yoshida from Japan for Southampton. Ashkan Dejagah from Iran for Fulham, though they will not be in the Premier League in the 2014-2015 season. Ji Dong Won and Ki Sung Yeung of South Korea for Sunderland. There are others and many Asian players have played in the Premier League in the past.

Who is Allen Tang and why is he so cool and awesome etc?

Allen Tang is one of the best soccer players of all time. He goes for Manchester united and Boston celtics. Yes he was a squinty Asian but he was fully sick broo. why is hey cool im not sure maybe he was just born a squinty Asian that was so cool and awesome and all that stuff

Who is the greatest Asian soccer player ever?

I think chabum who was a Korean soccer player is the best asian player ever. He played in German league and he is one the greatest players there.

Who were the first Asian players in the NBA?

the first Asian basketball player was alejandra Luna

How many athletes or players took part at the 2010 Asian Games?

9704 players

Who are the big players afro Asian?

key person

Who are the big players of afro-Asian?

key person

Who are the big players of afro Asian?

key person

How many black people in Manchester UK?

4.5% of the population of Manchester City (1.2% of greater manchester) is black african. So a fecking lot anyway, but not as many as London. Also - 9.1% of Manchester City (and 5.7% of greater Manchester) are Asian.

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